Customized training transforming real people into real athletes



Trinity Fitness & Nutrition is a premier private adult and youth sport performance studio in Rye, NY. We’re a neighborhood community with an open door to everyone at every level with a mission to help real people transform into real athletes.

We provide training that is fully customized to the individual. You are not fit to the exercise program, the program is fit to you. This is a welcoming environment that absolutely anyone can walk into. We provide the ability and equipment necessary to bring out the best in you. Our unique advantage is equipping you with the education, exercise technique and nutrition you need to reach your goal.

Whether you’re coming from the couch, another gym, college, high school, or middle school, the care and dedication you need for your fitness journey is right here.

Come in and see how the Trinity difference will change your life!


How We Get You Results

Come to us with any goal and you will find the support of a community that is dedicated, makes you accountable, and motivates you to make yourself better. Private personal training and semi-private training are available. Semi-private means you’ll get to know the people you work out with. It’s a personal training session, but in a semi-private environment.

The Warm-Up

Come into the community. Share a laugh. Get in some foam rolling and dynamic stretching. Your warm-up is how you connect with your team and prepare for your session.

Next, we customize and support your journey on three critical levels, so you always know what to do.


We start every session by focusing on plyometrics and strength. We help you become fully engaged, fully energized. We will show you how to be stronger and support your unique journey to increased strength.

Metabolic Conditioning

Metabolic conditioning is everything. Your coach will help you work on all aspects of fitness in one session. Your experience will include body weight, weights, medicine balls, or using the conditioning equipment. The workout is always varied and multiverse.


On-demand meal preparation is not only a huge time-saver, but it is also insurance that your investment pays off with real results. Sticking with the plan after you leave the studio is easier when you have the right fuel in hand. Everything is calculated down to a specific science. Access your daily meals right here and find your macronutrient counts right on the box, ready to eat.


Anyone Can Be An Athlete

Come as you are. We want Trinity to be known as the place that can take anyone off the street and teach them to harness their inner athlete. We created the place in Rye that welcomes everyone where they are.

We believe anyone can be an athlete.