About Trinity

Our name was embodied around a soldier that one of our owners, Mike deployed with; a good friend who was killed in action. Mike recalls, “He was a great friend, mentor and Soldier. We worked out together, went out on patrols together, did mixed martial arts together. Anything combat soldiers would envision their life around, we did together. We called him Trinity. His life was taken tragically while we were in combat. Every day since, I have tried to embolden the imprint he left on my life by using the warrior ethos and lessons he taught me, to develop a more prosperous world for everyone”.

Trinity was killed shortly before leaving Afghanistan and left a void for the last decade. We honor him in our name, Trinity Fitness & Nutrition, which also represents our focus on strength, metabolic conditioning, and nutrition.

This is our second location apart from Rye Health and Fitness and it is dedicated to semi-private and private athlete performance training. We wanted a way to give back to those who have served, those who paid the ultimate sacrifice. We also wanted to create a place where everyday real people can experience what they would in a one-on-one session, but with friends. We’ve made fitness a team sport.

Trinity Fitness and Nutrition is a high energy facility where you can push through your limits and help others do so as well!

Our Training Team

Our elite coaches are here to pull the best version of people out of themselves. We help our clients hold themselves accountable. We care for you as an individual and have the knowledge and experience to customize a program to your changing needs. Our impeccable attention to detail and vast education allow you to lean on us for the challenges ahead and make us your allies. We fight for you and we celebrate with you every step of the way.

Welcome to Trinity Fitness & Nutrition.

We’re here for you.

Mike Doody - Owner, MBA, B.S. Exercise Science, MFT, CPT, MMACS, USA-W, FMS, Nutrition Coach

Dennis Briscoe - Owner, B.A., CPT, MMACS, SPS, YPS, USA-W

Justin Marrone - Trainer/Nutrition Coach, B.A, CPT, CES, PN-1, USA-W

Anthony Fasolino - Trainer, B.B.A., CPT

Luke Guanzon - Head Strength Coach, B.S. Exercise Science, CSCS, FMS, USA-W (coming soon)

T.J. Fiorino - B.S. Exercise Science, CPT (coming soon)

Anthony Godino - B.A., CPT (coming soon)

Phil Giackette - (coming soon)