Justin Marrone

Justin has been a fitness professional for over five years. His passion for exercise and nutritional science began in the year 2001 when he was 15-years-old. Justin is a seasoned professional and ready to help all of our clients achieve their health, fitness and aesthetic goals. He became a fitness professional and entrepreneur after a career change in his late-20’s when he started a group training and nutrition coaching business in NJ. After several years of helping hundreds of clients achieve results, he decided he needed a change of scenery and departed the business, which still successfully exists today. He received an offer out west where he spent the 2018 year in southern California as a trainer and nutrition coach with Life Time Athletic in Laguna Niguel (Orange County). Justin offered his nutrition coaching services to dozens of clients with massive success. In January, 2019, Mike Doody extended an offer to have Justin lend his expertise and services to Trinity and he decided to move back home to his native New Jersey hometown in Bergen County.

 Justin graduated from William Paterson University in NJ in 2009, with a BA in marketing communications. He held account and project management careers in the telecommunications industry for five years, working in nearby Elmsford and Manhattan, but was beginning to feel unfulfilled. He had always been passionate about training, nutrition, helping others, and became driven to make a major life-change in 2014. Fast forward to 2019: Justin has been a professional certified Precision Nutrition coach and NASM personal trainer for over five years, and holds an additional four certifications in the fitness field. Justin has been researching nutritional and exercise science, and began bodybuilding on his own since he was 15-years-old. Since then, fitness has been an integral part of his everyday life. Justin knows first-hand how to achieve specific results, having to transform his own body in specified time frames: He is a signed fitness model with national agency BMG Talent in New York City. Justin has helped athletes and clients from the ages of 12 to 75 lose body fat, gain lean muscle mass and improve their overall health and confidence. He has prepared clients for bodybuilding competitions and has an extensive knowledge of vitamins and supplementation to help enhance sports performance and protect clients from preventable diseases. Justin loves a challenge, and will work tirelessly to "play detective", helping you get to the bottom of your deepest limiting factors, and remove them for good!

 Justin is happy to be back closer to his friends, family and help grow the Trinity name. Although he misses the California weather, he could not be happier to be back, and is enjoying his journey in the fitness industry thus far!