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The Trinity Nutrition Coaching Mission & Method:

o  Uncover as many LIMITING FACTORS as possible and ELIMINATE them. By building awareness to what is standing in your way of success, you will be able to make better decisions, and therefore replace bad habits with healthier new ones. 


o  This will allow room for new BEHAVIOR GOALSto be implemented and become habitual. As more limiting factors are eliminated, more positive behavior goals can take their place; opening the floodgates to your OUTCOME GOALS


o  Your OUTCOME GOALS are the reason you are here which we will list on our first consultation – what do you want to achieve? What are your motivations for change? What are your short and long-term goals? This is how Trinity will hold you accountable– you decide your own goals; we will help you achieve them! Learn how to be in control of how you look and feel for the rest of your life with nutritional science!


·       1-Hour Private Monthly Appointment scheduled through MindBody or on

o  Meet with Certified Precision Nutrition Coach and NASM Personal Trainer, Justin Marrone

o  Justin has over five years of professional experience helping hundreds of clients achieve results

o  Comfortable one-on-one setting for confidentiality and open discussion in our office

o  Option is available to meet more than once per-month if needed for additional cost


·       100% Customizable and Personalized to your level of nutritional knowledge, fitness activity and history

o  Catering to ALL goals – overall health, athletic sports performance, bodybuilding, etc. 

o  Establish realistic timeframe for goals to be achieved

o  Progress to new behavior goals once current ones are in-place – this allows for proper development and taking on realistic timelines to ensure new habits become permanent


·       Monthly Body Composition Assessmentto measure progress with different reference points:

o  7-point circumference measurement – neck, arm, chest, waist, hips, upper and lower leg

o  Hi-tech scale for body fat | muscle mass | visceral fat | overall bodyweight calculations

o  Learn why your old scale at home should be thrown out!

o  Build a positive relationship with your body weight/scale readings using scientific facts


·       Learn concepts such as Nutrient Timing & Pre/Post-Workout Nutrition - what to eat and when so you can maximize results

·       Education on Macronutrients– protein, carbohydrates and fats – what they do and what amounts/kinds you need to consume daily to achieve your goals

·       Design customized goal-based Meal Plans once we establish a Basic Initial Behavioral Foundation

·       Calculate your required water intake– learn why this is the single most important key to see your results

·       Learn what ESSENTIAL vitamins and supplements you will NEED for success - develop the habit of taking the correct amounts at the right times of the day – personalized to fit your daily schedule and help make things more convenient when whole foods are inaccessible 

·       We offer fully-prepped meals RSP supplement line for a one-stop-shop and convenience

·       Calculate macronutrient breakdown to ensure you are eating correct amounts of food each day

·       Learn how to use food tracking app, “MyFitnessPal” to eliminate guess work and accurately hit goals

·       Receive invaluable pictographs and worksheets to help make sense of everything you are learning


To book an appointment, use our book now tab or feel free to contact Justin:

Cell: 201-819-5807 



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Justin Marrone, CPT, PN1, USAW