The Trinity Difference

Our team is made up of qualified professionals in the fitness industry. People who care and drive results in alignment with your real goals. The best coaches focus on continuing their education and making themselves better. We lead you by our example. Outside the studio, we are personally engaged in our own fitness challenges, from bodybuilding to power lifting competitions and on. We participate in endurance competitions, such as Spartan Race, Tough Mudder and Marathons, to name a few. We demonstrate our passion for fitness and keeping our integrity in and out of the studio. Our heaviest load is our responsibility in staying sharp in order to support your goals daily.

We support goal-oriented success seekers. People like you. We believe that people who want to be successful and always set the bar high for themselves will always achieve greatness in this world. We can take you where you need to be by harnessing your inner drive and bringing out the best in you. Our trainers are constantly reading, attending seminars and learning in order to better their craft everyday and give you the best experience that we possible can.

We are bringing the most out of fitness within a 55-minute session. Our 1:3 trainer to client ratio makes customization possible, even in a small semi-private setting. Everything is customized to the individual in each team. For personal attention, our athlete sessions focus on meso-cycle periodization, customized to the athletes “season” they are in.

Come in and experience the Trinity Fitness & Nutrition difference.